Saturday, September 29, 2007

Steve and Sandra Get Things Undone

All this, and they were only elected with 36% of the popular vote

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boreal said...

Dear Allison, Just surfed in via CBC with many small stops, in a search for CDN blogs, by people who, evidently, can both read, and write.
Yr. site is a welcome oasis in a parched landscape.
Or newby, to the web, that we are, we just haven't found the "Mother Lode.
Excellent work, on Harpoon and his grim crew, particularly that little twit Buckler, who bears a stricking resemblance to Shrub's Fran(Fra Blucker+frightened horses) Townsend.
Perhaps secret, cross-border cloning by Fraser and AEI?
Thanks for keeping us posted.
Cheers, from the boreal,